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The Advantages of Fuel Cells over other technologies are:

»    Higher efficiency - Efficiency can easily exceed 30% compared to 20-25% for ICE and 6-7% for ECE
»    Lower maintenance and electricity cost - The lack of moving parts and high system efficiency results in power production with
      higher availability and reduced overall cost per kWh
»    Lower emissions (lower carbon footprint, no SOx , very low NOx) - Elimination of sulphur from fuel feedstock and use of catalytic
      combustion ensures system emissions comply with the most stringent of international emission standards
»    Low noise level - Extremely low noise levels make the unit ideal for use in any setting including environmentally sensitive areas




Core technology

Helbio has developed its proprietary Heat Integrated Wall Reactor (HIWAR) which exhibits numerous advantages over competitors:

✓ Very high heat transfer rate
✓ Very compact. High power/volume ratio
✓ Use of lower amount of reforming catalyst
✓ Lower operating temperatures
✓ Capacity ranges from <0.5 kW to >250 kW  
  Very difficult to replicate by reverse engineering
Clean and Green energy
HELBIO has the capability to deliver a wide range of tailor-made projects which include both hydrogen and energy production. Hydrogen production and electric power production range from 0.5 to 300 Nm3/h and 0.5kW to 300 kW respectively


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  For more detail     http://www.helbio.com/technology/
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