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Products & Markets

Auxiliary Power Systems and Battery Chargers with production of hydrogen onsite and fuel cells
(defence, telecommunication & other industries, etc.)

Combined Heat and Power production with fuel cells for off-grid applications using NG, LPG, biogas or ethanol.

Green Hydrogen and Green Power for environmentally sensitive areas

Hydrogen Generators (20-300 m3/h) for:
•   Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS)
•   Industrial uses of hydrogen (electronics, food processing, metal processing, etc)
•   Power production


Products - Overview


Product Name

Product Type

Brief Description


  Power  production systems


Power System

Power system mainly for battery charging.
The system utilises commercially available propane or LPG feedstock and produces 300W of electric power via hydrogen and PEM fuel cell.

• Campers
• Recreational vehicles
• Low power application
• Domestic

  CHP-5 kW

Combined heat and power system

Combined heat and power system utilising natural gas, propane/LPG and biogas feedstock.
The system delivers 5 kW of electric power and additional 7 kW of  thermal power.  

• Telecommunications
• Defence
• Domestic
• APU in power boats
• Trucks


  Hydrogen   Generators

High purity hydrogen production system

Hydrogen production unit utilising various fuels. The system will deliver high purity hydrogen >99.9% at a pressure around 7 bar (g).  The system will incorporate a third party pressure swing absorption unit.

•  H2 refueling stations
•  Oil and fat hydrogenation
•  Electronics industry
•  Steel industry
•  Glass industry
•  H2 enrichment of piston  

   gas generators

Cogeneration Power of 20-300 kW is also available for the H2 systems

  CHP-5kW system

  CHP-5kW system specifications



Steam reforming

Water gas shift

High and low temperature

CO minimization

Selective CO methanation

Hydrogen quality   



Feeding Fuel

LPG, NG, propane or biogas

Energy Production

5 kWe + 7 kWth

Electrical Efficiency


Thermal Efficiency


Output Voltage

DC-24V, 48V, custom 230 VAC

Power consumption


Dimensions (LxWxH)

0.7 m x 0.7 m x 1.4 m


~120 kg


The Advantages of Fuel Cells over other Technologies are

▪  Higher efficiency  - Efficiency can easily exceed 30% compared to 20-25% for ICE and 6-7% for ECE

▪  Lower maintenance and electricity cost - The lack of moving parts and high system efficiency
   results in power production with higher availability and reduced overall cost per kWh
▪  Lower emissions (lower carbon footprint, no SOx , very low NOx) - Elimination of sulphur from
   fuel feedstock and use of catalytic combustion ensures system emissions comply with
   the most stringent of international emission standards
▪  Low noise level  - Extremely low noise levels make the unit ideal for use in any setting including
   environmentally sensitive areas
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